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Long gone are the days when the ACs could be afforded by wealthy people or commercial establishments. Thanks to the scorching summers of Greenacres, FL, that narrative has changed! Today, there are many variations in residential ACs that are designed specifically to cool small spaces. From centralized HVACs to portable ACs, there is no dearth of options if you know exactly what you need. However, that’s the catch! Selecting the right AC is not as simple as walking into a store and buying one. It takes a lot of research and expert consultation. Only a professional can assess your space and requirements to recommend a unit that meets those needs and budget. This is why you need to call Greenacres AC Services on 561-330-5348.

We are a professional AC service company with years of experience in serving residential customers. We not only provide consultation but also repair, installation, and other associated services.

Professional and understanding technicians:

You can trust us because we don't hire our professionals off the bat. We have a recruitment process that selects only qualified technicians with the right skill sets and work portfolio to match our standards. This is not where it ends. We further conduct background checks to ensure that all the employees in our company follow the code of ethics like a gospel. So when you let one of our men inside your safe haven, you can rest assured that your space and your expensive unit is in safe hands. Moreover, we don't leave our mess behind. We clean all that up and leave only when all the work is finished.

Service delivered, at your convenience:

How many times have you had the hardest time looking for a technician when you really needed one? That can be harrowing experience when your AC has broken down and you have small children at home that are at the receiving end of this discomfort and unprofessionalism of some service providers. However, you don't have to worry about these things with us! When you call us, we arrive at your doorstep in the record 30-minutes or less, fix the issue then and there and get you out of your troubles without wasting a second. We work 24/7/365, so you can confidently add us to your speed dial.

Prices that fit your budget:

We understand that your budget is not as elaborate as that of our commercial clients. However, does that mean we will give you substandard services? Absolutely not! Greenacres AC Services doesn't work like that. The one thing that kept us going for 20+ years and counting is one simple mantra, keep your service standards high and pricing low! We provide services to you at a budget that is reasonable for you. So don't neglect that maintenance job or servicing need because you think it is too expensive. Just give us a call and discuss your requirements with the best AC service expert in Greenacres, FL area.

Our residential AC service includes:

Greenacres AC Services Greenacres, FL 561-330-5348

  • New AC installation
  • Consultation for choosing the right AC
  • Repair and/or recharge refrigerant leak
  • 24/7 repair work guarantee
  • Quality spares only
  • Tailor made maintenance plans
  • Air quality improvement checks
  • Duct and vent clean up
  • Compressor/Condenser issue resolution
  • Old AC replacement

Want a residential AC expert? Call Greenacres AC Services today at 561-330-5348.