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We live in times when ACs are no longer a privilege but more of a necessity because Greenacres, FL summers can be intolerable without the presence of an air conditioner. However, buying an AC is an extensive process that requires rigorous research. Right from searching online to asking for recommendations, we leave no stone unturned in finding the right equipment. However, the question is, is that research enough? The answer is no, it isn’t.

Greenacres AC Services Greenacres, FL 561-330-5348A comprehensive research is wrapped around an expert opinion to begin with. Buying an AC without one is like shooting in the dark and expecting to hit bull’s eye. It is a possibility, but you know the odds! This is why we recommend that you to talk to our experts at Greenacres AC Services before taking such an important decision.

Buying an AC is a step-by-step process that doesn’t end at purchasing the unit. You also need to get a reliable company to do the installation so that your investment can pay for itself over the years in efficiency and energy savings. An ill-fitted AC will not only underperform but also lose years off its lifespan. This is why installation cannot be treated lightly.

Greenacres AC Services is an expert of new AC installation and has been doing this for two decades unfailingly. We have provided installation service to our residential and commercial customers and earned an enviable name for ourselves in the market. Call us on 561-330-5348 if you want the air conditioner to be installed right!


Centralized air conditioners:

A centralized unit sucks the warm air of the room and circulates it into the ducts which is then cooled in the central unit and sent back into the room. These systems are complex and require planning to ensure their efficient performance.

Ductless, mini-split ACs:

These ACs are ideal for small homes. The model comes with an indoor and external unit. The former is fitted on a wall inside the room, while the compressor is fitted outside. It is perfect for greater temperature control and individual cooling of each room.

Window ACs:

Window ACs take the hot air from the room and throw it out the back. At the same time, it blows the cool air inside the room, making the temperatures breezy and relaxing for its inhabitants. These ACs are perfect for small spaces.

Portable air conditioners:

Portable ACs are meant for people who move around a lot or shift from room to room. These ACs throw the warm air out the exhaust pipe and do not need to be fitted on a wall, like a split-AC. They are portable and a budgeted option for small rooms.


It doesn’t matter what air conditioner model you need to install or how big your space is, if you need experts for air conditioner installation then there is no one better than us. We have gained years of experience in handling the job and can now do it with absolute precision, regardless of the type of air conditioner. From ductwork laying to setup of portable units, we can do it all in Greenacres, FL area!

Looking for an AC expert who can help you buy an air conditioner for your property and install it too? Look no further because Greenacres AC Services is here. Dial 561-330-5348 and get in touch with our experts today!