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The biggest difference between a home and a commercial space is the number of inhabitants. The larger the number of people in a given space, the more complex the air conditioning system. HVAC units have been specifically designed to cater to large spaces that provide cool temperatures without putting undue pressure on the system. Summers in Greenacres, FL ensured that these systems advanced over the years to keep the energy bills low while providing the cool comfort to its people.

If you need to install HVAC units in your office, you can call Greenacres AC Servicesat 561-330-5348. We are the best in the business and provide end-to-end services to our commercial clients. We can not only install, repair, and maintain your ACs, but can also provide specialized consultation to choose the best unit as per your budget and needs.


Here are some reasons why you should consider hiring us as your AC service vendor:

We’ve got the proper credentials:

We don't willy-nilly hire technicians. We conduct a thorough recruitment to hire the best minds. Apart from that, we also perform a comprehensive background check to ensure that all the people on our team are as qualified as they claim to be.

We never lie:

We don't make any promises that we can’t effectively keep. This is what makes us more reliable and trusted in the industry. Our business is built on the solid foundation of integrity and we do everything in our power to maintain that. This is the only way we have not only sustained the competition but also surpassed it over the years.

We’ll reduce operational costs:

We understand that running a business is an expensive affair. This is why we ensure that your AC is not putting any additional pressure on you. We keep your operational costs in check and ensure that your commercial HVAC system is working with absolute efficiency. Additionally, we provide our services at the most affordable rates.

We specialize in commercial systems:

Commercial HVACs are our strengths because we are the best at it. Our technicians are trained in handling all kinds of models, no matter how complex or elaborate they may be. So when you come to us, you can rest assured that your expensive systems are in safe hands.

24-hour service for you:

You can’t afford to have your ACs breakdown at work. Imagine it malfunctions on the day you are expecting an important client visit! Don't worry, we got your back! Just give us a call and we will send someone over within 20 minutes. This is the reason we work 24/7 so that we can cater to the global business environment of our clients.

We do it all:

We don't just repair and install your AC, we can do a lot more than that! Here are some of the services that Greenacres AC Services can provide:

Greenacres AC Services Greenacres, FL 561-330-5348

  • HVAC system expert consultation
  • Ductwork layout for your office
  • Installation of AC unit
  • Round-the-clock repair services
  • Custom maintenance plans
  • Indoor air quality checks
  • Emergency service assistance


We treat your business like our own, this is the reason we are able to offer you personalized service. There is no one more competent than us in Greenacres, FL. We ensure that you or employees don't have to suffer through the unbearable summers due to a defunct air conditioner. Don't worry if your AC is acting up or requires maintenance at the last hour, we can do it all and more. Just call us and let us take it from there.

Need a commercial HVAC expert? Dial 561-330-5348!