Greenacres was initially founded as ‘A good place to live’ and true to that philosophy, the city has maintained its good town image, by giving its residents a quiet and peaceful community to dwell in. Initially envisioned by Lawrence Carter Swain who witnessed the growth of coastal resort communities for the upper class nearby, and felt that the middle class were excluded from the rhetoric! So, he decided to bring about a change and conceived a safe and beautiful place which the middle class could call their home. He started small, accumulating land over a period of time and developing his vision into a reality. Today, Greenacres is the place to be, providing ample economic opportunities for the working class as well as the luxuries that are associated with a resort city.

ACs: An inseparable part of Greenacres

Life in Greenacres is comfortable for the most part, but when the summers come, it can get unbearably hot, so much so, that surviving without air conditioners can seem impossible. It’s no wonder that you’ll find ACs in just about every home and commercial place in the city – and it’s also common to spend a significant sum on buying, maintaining and repairing ACs. Not to mention, the high electricity bills you have to pay up every month. But there’s a way you can cut back on costs, provided you team up with the right AC service partner. Choose Greenacres AC Services – an AC service agency that has been serving the region for over two decades now and has now become the one-stop solution for a comprehensive range of AC services.

Why us?

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We understand just how important air conditioners are to life in Greenacres, and it’s sad to witness a number of AC service companies exploiting that fact to make a quick buck. With us, you’ll never have to worry about getting the wrong installed or paying up extra for a simple repair or get charged extra for emergency services! We believe in delivering cost-effective, timely and reliable solutions, that are designed to fit the pockets of the working class, so no one has to give up on their cool and comfort.

We serve:


Our prominent services include:

  • Consultation: Need some advice on choosing an air conditioner? Call us in, we’ll thoroughly assess your property and help you make the right choice.
  • Installation:Your air conditioner needs to be installed right in order for it to work efficiently. Trust our experts to carry out new AC installation, while ensuring your warranty stays intact.
  • Repairs: Ran into AC trouble? Show it to us, and we’ll fix the issue to get your air conditioner up and running again in no time.
  • Maintenance: Enter a flexible maintenance contract in order to keep your AC in a good working condition for long.
  • Indoor air quality:Worried your air quality isn’t as fresh as it should be? Rope in our experts to deploy IAQ improvement measures.

To avail all this and more in Greenacres, call 561-330-5348!